Recruiting Process


One of the elements of our methodology – MRINetwork Way™ Sequences – defines the steps we follow in order to deliver a consistent, structured service that makes success repeatable. They ensure consistency in execution, continuity and predictability of experience for our clients. The sequence you see here defines the 24 steps of our permanent placement process and is only one of dozens of sequences utilized in our network. The actual number of steps is less important than is our agreement on a thorough, efficient progression of steps to a successful outcome.

1. Prepare Client Call Plan
2. Open the Client Dialogue
3. Assess the Opportunity
4. Complete the Needs Analysis Profile
5. Evaluate the Project
6. Align Approach/Position Value
7. Co-Create the Project Plan
8. Clear Fees/Confirm Agreement
9. Identify Candidates
10. Prepare Candidate Call Plan
11. Open the Candidate Dialogue
12. Assess Motivation/Qualifications
13. Complete the Candidate Data Sheet
14. Match with Opportunities
15. Create Short List/Comparison Matrix
16. Check References
17. Prep Clients for Interviews
18. Prep Candidates for Interviews
19. Debrief Candidates
20. Debrief Clients
21. Broker Offer to Candidate
22. Assist with Candidate/Client Transition
23. Send Satisfaction Survey/Invoice
24. Provide Ongoing Support

MRINetwork also has this as a flowchart to give a better representation of our process.

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