Resume Tips


Can’t think of anything to write down about what you do in your job? Following are some general ideas. These are not specific to any particular industry, and may not apply to everyone.

General Experience:

  1. What professional experience, skills, aptitudes, or traits do you have that would be beneficial to an employer?
  2. What skills have you developed that you have never used at work?
  3. Do others, at work or elsewhere, come to you for any particular kind of help? What kind?
  4. Do you have military experience? Military training can be particularly useful in private industry if it is relevant to your objective.
  5. Have you ever published an article, report, or presentation on a topic specific to your career/industry?
  6. Have you ever given a speech, presentation, or provided training to anyone at work or elsewhere? Give the specifics.
  7. What computer skills do you have? (list specific industry-related programs, languages, operating systems, implementation experience, etc).
  8. What foreign languages do you know, and what is your level of skill in each. (i.e. native speaker, fluent, moderate, read/write). Do you have any foreign travel experience?
  9. What planning or analytical tools are you familiar with (i.e. critical path, PERT, MS Project, Primavera, etc.)?
  10. What experience do you have as a manager?

Responsibilities, Activities:

  1. How many people do you supervise? Have you been responsible for hiring, training, etc?
  2. How large a budget have you managed?
  3. What was the highest level in the company that you reported to or communicated with directly?
  4. Have you ever served as liaison or a mediator between groups or key individuals?
  5. Have you ever served as a mentor?
  6. Have you ever been involved in strategic planning? To what level?
  7. Have you ever been involved in the evaluation, development or implementation of policies and/or procedures?
  8. Have you ever evaluated any individual or group performance, or any task or project research?
  9. To what extent have you been involved in communication with clients?
  10. Have you ever been involved in the generation of proposals? What was your role?
  11. Have you ever conducted a survey, research project or study related to your industry? Did you prepare recommendations?
  12. Have you designed or managed any processes, systems, or projects?
  13. Do you have any consulting experience (either internal or external)?

Achievements, Accomplishments:

  1. Have you been directly responsible for a reduction in costs or an increase in profits? Describe specifics.
  2. Did you add any quality, efficiency or effectiveness to an operation that resulted in noticeable improvement?
  3. Have you ever proposed, suggested, or initiated any programs, changes, or improvements that were implemented because of your initiative?
  4. What have you done voluntarily, beyond the regular duties of your position?
  5. What talents or skills do you possess that have a positive impact on your ability to get the job done and would benefit an organization?

Awards, Recognition:

  1. What awards or special recognition have you received?
  2. Were you promoted ahead of schedule?
  3. Have you ever been selected for any special responsibilities or programs?


  1. List the school you attended, degree earned, date obtained, and any honors
    (i.e. summa cum laude, magna cum laude).
  2. List any career-related education, seminars or special training you have received.
  3. List any registrations or certifications you have obtained. List the registration or certification number, and year obtained.
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