Candidate Services


MRI Interview Handbook (PDF File)

Top employers recognize that in today’s job market, it’s a seller’s market for qualified candidates. The demands for mid-to-upper level managers and professionals are at all-time highs. Candidates have more choices and are making greater demands on potential employers. They are smarter, better educated, more confident, more technically skilled and better compensated than ever. Plus, top candidates are equally interested in lifestyle benefits, such as childcare, elder care, schedule variations and pleasant work environments.

In this competitive market, MR-Wausau serves an important role in identifying the best candidates, and helping to match them with the most appropriate companies. Because we recognize that impact players in a particular industry may not be professionals at job seeking, we offer hints for your resume or interviewing skills. We also offer a resume posting service, a listing of current job postings in the industries we primarily serve, and relocation assistance including salary and moving expense calculators and information about communities where jobs are available.

Please e-mail your resume or feel free to fax us at (715) 842-1741. You can also reach us at (715) 842-1750 and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

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